Headed Down South

9:Describe your 5 favorite parts of your significant other, or describe 5 important traits you would look for significant other.

It is no easy thing to break down a life into a list of traits, we as humans are more than the sum of are parts, we are so much more. No person is one thing in the exact you would expect, and that’s good, that diversity, all the little things that can’t even be expressed is the beauty behind individuals.

With that said, I would say, the ability to laugh, for what is life without laughter, there is too much pain in the world as it is, and one who can laugh easily can bring a touch of happiness into the world. Intellect, not intelligence per se, but the ability to truly think, to view something with a different light. Doesn’t matter if it is wrong or right, but that the drive is there. Passion, passion about anything, be it books, clothes, basket weaving, passion is a must, how can a full life be lived if there is no passion, it is what drives us and makes everything we do better and perhaps more meaningful, even if only to us. 

As for the rest it is hard to say, every person is an individual, and it is getting to know that individual on a personal level that is the most important part. There may be something you though you would hate in a partner but in them is adorable, and something you thought was most important becomes no more than a side note. It isn’t so much as finding the right person on paper, it is finding the right person for you. 

28. If you could change yourself anyway, would you? How so?

There are dozens of things I could change about myself, something that could be better, that is the society we live in. I dictate what I want though, it is not a question of “If I could”, it is my life and everyday I make certain decisions about how I am going to experience it. If I feel something should be changed, I change it. We all have the ability to change ourselves, will it be hard, yes. But a gem of great value isn’t obtained for the asking. 

31:Do you trust easily?

Yes and no. Trust like so many things is earned, not through words but by deeds. That doesn’t mean paranoia and suspicion though either, more of a trusting skepticism. I like to believe the best of people, that deep down we are all heroes. I am not so naive to trust that the guy I gave five dollars to is actually going to use it to buy a bus ticket to get back home, but I choice to believe, that maybe, just maybe he actually is. Tempering trust with skepticism is prudent, but not if taken to far and into cynicism. The world may be no different, but how I view it is, and at the end of the day that is all that matters. 


19:Something or someone you couldn’t live without?

That is a bit of a loaded question, and with so many questions isn’t answerable in an easy way. No matter who you are, rich or poor, brilliant or dim, there is one promise that life will always keep, the sad certainty that rests on the other side of life, death. It is inescapable, as much as we may wish otherwise, it is the fate of all those we love. I lost my father a few years back, someone who I relied on for everything, and while you are never the same, you mourn and cry your tears, but then you do the vital thing and live on. Therefore the key to happiness is not to expect it or demand it, but to delight in it while you have it and to add to others store of it. 


1:Summarize your favorite song in a few sentences and why it’s your favorite

It’s hard to pick just one, so rather I will just go with a style that is among my favorites. That would be the songs that are also stories, Bob Dylan, Old Crow, Don Mclean, etc. They are more than just catchy hooks, they are a story that draws you in and the music and lyrics are an aid to that story thus enhancing the work as a whole. 

8:Do you have a hard time forgiving?

Yes and no. In the words of Mr.Darcy “My good opinion once lost, is lost forever”. Though that is harsh and unrealistic, there is a spirit behind it that strikes a cord. I know I am no paragon of excellence or moral fortitude and as thus should be more forgiving, and of a great many things I am, but everyone has a tipping point, the proverbial straw if you will. At which point I make the conscious decision that some people just shouldn’t be in your life. 

20:Does the future scare you?

It is a basic trait among humans that we fear the unknown, and the future is the ultimate unknown, for it can never be known. So yes there is a certain aspect of fear in the future. But for all of that, we can only be truly brave not in the absence of fear, but in the face of it. I have known my share of loss, and it scares me that I will inevitably be faced with further loss and pain, be it tomorrow or fifty years from now. But that is life, it is the lows that makes us appreciate the highs, and the highs which get us through the lows. 

33:do you like the person that you are?

Yes, that is not to say that there is nothing I can improve on, or change about myself. I have my flaws, I make mistakes, but ultimately I attempt to learn from them, sometimes it takes a few tries, but I am trying. We all constantly change, and that’s good. As I change I try to improve on my flaws, and as I fix those, I will most undoubtedly discover new ones. Thus creating a cycle, and with each passing time, I am just a bit better than I was before. And for now that is all I can ask for. 

deep questions
1: Summarize your favorite song in a few sentences and why it's your favorite
2: Do you believe history repeats itself?
3: IF you could see just one thing in your future, what would you look at?
4: Would you rather spend the rest of your life regretting something you did or regretting that you didn't do it?
5: Have you ever given up on something important to you?
6: When was the last time you were dramatically relieved?
7: Describe an inanimate object that is significant to you personally
8: Do you have a hard time forgiving?
9: Describe your 5 favorite parts of your significant other, or describe 5 important traits you would look for significant other.
10: How do you try to live your life?
11: Do you search for the best in people or look at them more realistically?
12: What gets you through a rough day?(someone, a hobby, music,etc.)
13: Be loved by another and not love them in return? Or love another and not be loved by them in return?
14: How do you think is the best way to achieve happiness?
15: Are you worried currently? In regards to what?
16: What pushes you to be better?
17: What is your biggest goal or dream currently?How Are you working to achieve it?
18: What is your biggest passion?
19: Something or someone you couldn't live without?
20: Does the future scare you?
21: Does the past haunt you?
22: Would you break someone's trust if it ended up greatly helping them in the long run?
23: Do you believe in love?
24: Is there someone you desire currently?
25: If you were to run away where would you go?
26: What surroundings make you feel best (setting, weather, clothes)
27: where or when is your "happy place"?
28. If you could change yourself anyway, would you? How so?
29: what is something out of your control that makes you upset?
30: do you put other people's happiness before your own?
31: Do you trust easily?
32: what's your favorite day dream?
33: do you like the person that you are?
34: do you honestly and truly hate anyone?
35: Currently, are you overall happy?

For what it’s worth: it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you find you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start over again.
F. Scott Fitzgerald (via un-exotic)